Lab Services

Holland Hospital Laboratory Services offers state-of-the art facilities and equipment at the 6 different locations along the Lakeshore area.

Hours at the service centers are designed to offer easy access to our customers; appointments are only necessary for glucose tolerance tests. The labs are linked through a courier system that offers year-round service for the transport of specimens, supplies and reports. Most routine test results are available within 24 hours. Many physician offices are linked electronically with our information systems to expedite test ordering and reporting.

Patient Instructions

When you come for your lab test, be sure to bring the lab test order if the doctor has given it to you, a photo ID and your insurance card.  


The laboratory defines fasting as no food, drink or smoking for 12 hours before the blood is drawn. Patients may still take their medication with small amounts of water unless your physician has told you otherwise. Candy, gum, mints and coffee should not be consumed if your labs require fasting

Insurance Coverage

Holland Hospital participates with a large number of insurance plans. We do not participate with all managed care or preferred provider organization plans. We will be happy to bill your insurance company directly, however, you may receive invoices for co-pays, deductibles or balances that will be your responsibility. Check with the Human Resources Department of the company providing your insurance for participating laboratories.

Advanced Beneficiary Notice

When you're at the laboratory, you may be asked to sign an Advanced Beneficiary Notice (ABN). Medicare and many other insurance companies will not pay for certain tests considered experimental, screening or medically unnecessary. By signing an ABN, you are agreeing to be responsible for payment of these tests if your insurance company does not pay. You also have the right to refuse to have the test performed.

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